If you can't adopt...then foster!

A foster home is a temporary home where dogs and cats can live while in the adoption program. Placing pets in a foster home, as opposed to a shelter, helps to socialize and prepare the animal for its future family environment.

Homeward Bound provides the supplies necessary to properly house and nurture the foster pet while it is in foster care. Vaccinations, health exams, food and spaying or neutering are provided at no cost to the foster parent(s).

Our team of volunteers is available to answer questions and provide support to make this experience enjoyable for the parents and the foster pet until the animal is adopted. The foster provider provides the love and special attention, works with the animal on basic obedience skills and shares with the Homeward Bound staff any behavioral or emotional problems the animal might be experiencing. Addressing these problems during the foster care period, enhances the chances for adoption a hundred-fold!

The program is designed to be completed within 4-12 weeks and a foster pet must be made available for adoptions each week. Your foster pet can be brought to the shelter on adoption day or to one of our adoption sites at PetSmart Kennesaw or PetSmart Canton, --whatever is most conventient to the foster provider. If the foster is not adopted, the provider may pick up the fostered animal at the agreed upon site at the end of the day.

Anyone wishing to become an approved Homeward Bound Foster Care Provider should contact Homeward Bound.