Volunteering Information

Our staff is a dedicated group of volunteers who create a safe, nurturing environment for our homeless animals. Simply put, without our volunteers, there would be no Homeward Bound. Our volunteers man the phone lines, work in our thrift store, Paws and Claws, and help loving families find their newest family member at adoptions. They walk dogs, pet cats, feed and play with them, and of course, clean up after them. Our grounds are well kept up and repairs made due to volunteers who take the time to help us keep things neat. Some volunteers help us with social media and photography. Some plan fund raisers.

We have volunteers who only help on weekends when they visit North Georgia and youth volunteers who create posters or wash dishes. Some only have time to run a few loads of laundry, and that's OK, too. We can use help of all kinds.

We need more volunteers who love dogs and cats! Join us! Contact us and let us know what interests you, or, feel free to fill out our Volunteer Form online and submit it to us!

Volunteer Opportunities

** = Can be done from any location